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SEGA GAME GEAR – How to paint a shell – Part two

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Custom Tails Sega Game Gear Tools

Sega game gear shell Painting

In this tutorial, I will guide you through a step by step process of how I paint a Sega Game Gear shell.

Custom Sega game gear tails

Before you start

Complete Part One First

This is the second part, please complete step 1 first

Tools Needed

Airbrush and compressor
You're choice of Paints
Cotton Buds and Paint thinner
(or Spray paints instead of Airbrush and Paints)

Difficulty Level -

This part of the process does not require a high level of skill
Can take 20 minutes to a few days

LEt's get Painting

Step One - Resources

Always wear a mask – I would always recomend to wear a mask paint is not good for the lungs.  I paint outside where it’s well ventalated, however I will still wear a mask.

Types of Paint – You will need to choose your colours, as well as the colour, I would recommend using a primer as well.  a light primer for light colours and a dark primer for dark colours.  I use Mr. Hobby color paints, they are available in spray cans as well as pots.  I will do another blog specifically on Paints.

Complete the first part is recommended, otherwise there will be a lot of cleanup.

Sega Game Gear, Custom building, How To guide
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear airbrush

Step Two - Apply First coat of colour

Apply your first colour, I do this in thin layers.  This is so that by the time I have layed down the first coat, I can go back to the start as it has dried quicker.  Thick coats will take hours to dry.

Custom Tails Sega Game Gear coat 2

Step Three - Add a primer

This may seem counter productive, but primers are very opaque and allow you to protect the colour you have already put down.  

Try to use a primer colour that matches the first colour this will help even out the colour of the first layers.  I use a white primer and add the colour I used to it.  There is a range of coloured primers in cans if you are using cans

Custom Tails Sega Game Gear

Step Four - Removing Vinyls

Skip this step if you are not using Vinyls or masking tape

Remove the Vinyls and masking tape, I use tweezers but be careful not to scratch the paint work and/or the shell!

Custom Tails Sega Game Gear
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear

Step Five - clean up overspill

Using some thinner and a cotton bud, gently clean up any over spill.

Wait 24 hours for the paint to dry before going on to the next step

Custom Tails Sega Game Gear
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear


Time to apply your second colour.

I’ve chosen to use a clear colour that also acts a gloss for the rest of the shell, helping to to protect the paint from the inside.

If your final colour isn’t a clear top coat, I would recommend adding a final clear top coat 

Custom Tails Sega Game Gear
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear

Final step - Finish up

Remove all of the masking tape and once again use thinner and a cotton bud to clean up any overspill.

Custom Sega game gear tails
Custom Tails Sega Game Gear 5

Completed Project - Tails Sega Game Gear

With any luck, patience and skill.  Hopefully your shell should look similar to the below image 🙂

Tails Shell Product

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Custom Tails Sega Game Gear Finished 1

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