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Me Andrew


Andrew is a Sega Game Gear enthusiast and that definitely shows in this site.  He has built consoles for many influencers and brands now such as Retro Dodo and Macho Nacho Productions and he is trusted within the community.  Andrew wants to build a website with content created by those that have an interest in retro games.

A long time ago...

It was 1991, I was 9 years old and I was given my first handheld console as a birthday present.  To this day I still remember the unboxing of the SEGA Game Gear and Joy it gave me for hours on end for years to come.

fast forward 29 years and I wanted to relive that experience and so bought a broken Game Gear and some capacitors and with no soldering experience I managed to fix it.  To my shock I very quickly realised the old screen was terrible and playability was no where near that of today’s Modern consoles.  I read in forums there were screens out there that could now be installed to give the console new life.  I bought one and gave the install a go and when done, my mind was blown…. a modern screen in a 30 year old console!! 

Straight after I wanted to customise it and make it my own, using skills I learnt from other hobbies I painted my first themed Game Gear in the style of a famous Coke brand.  I loved the way it turned out, I wanted to make more.

My First Custom Paint Job
One of my latest builds
Sega Game Gear custom Jurassic Park, Ford Explorer


With the experiences learned from building my own Game Gear, I wanted to be able to recreate that unboxing experience I felt in 1991, not just for people from the 90’s era but for everyone, unboxing a ‘Modernised’ piece of history for adults and the youth of today to enjoy a once great console, reimagined and fit for the world we live in today.

With this in mind, I built this website for people to buy a piece of history and enjoy it for years to come.

I use high quality parts from manufacturers such as RetroKai, Retrosix and Mr Hobby to create these consoles