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Mission Statement

To bring retro in to the new era, making it accessible to all ages through new tech, tools and reviews, all with a Modern lens.

How are we doing this?

We plan to do this with the following:

  1. Impartial Mod reviews – We will look at, install and write reviews based on experience
  2. A new look at the old classics – Reviewing old games with a modern look, personable reviews from both past and today 
  3.  Providing tutorials and content – I hope to help and inspire others to do the same and bring bring unloved tech back to life
  4. Working with the community – We want the information in this site to be honest and true,  don’t agree with a review? Get involved and write your own to be published

Who are we?

Currently We have two main content creators, We are looking to expand to have other hobbyists who would like to be on board and help create content


Me Andrew


Andrew is a Sega Game Gear enthusiast and that definitely shows in this site.  He has built consoles for many influencers and brands now such as Retro Dodo and Macho Nacho Productions and he is trusted within the community.  He wants to build a website with content created by those that have an interest in retro games.

More about Andrew


Chief Content creator/editor

Tom is a gaming enthusiast, collector and owner of @Classic_Console_Wars on Instagram.  Having started photographing his collection in early 2021, he has now branched out into writing too.  As chief content creator for the Retro Gear Customs website, Tom, along with Andrew is hoping to make the site a resource for gamers as well as home to awesome custom Game Gears!

Get in touch if you'd like to join