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New to the Site – Guides

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Sega Game Gear, Stripdown, How To guide

Coming Soon - Guides/walkthroughs/reviews

I will be creating a range of guides to help for beginner to intermediate MODS, specifically Game Gear to start. 

I am by no means a professional and still the hobbiest, I started modding in November 2020 and had never picked up a soldering iron before then. The aim is to share my learnings in the hope more people become interested to take the plunge and try Modding.

I spent hours watching youtube videos on soldering and modding, Tito at Macho Nacho Productions gave me the confidence to give it a go through watching his Game Gear video….. so I gave it a go.  Whilst searching around the internet I found lots of Youtube Videos and forums on Moding, but no step by step guides, a lot of the learning was play, pause, play, pause, rewind, play pause etc.  

All I really when I was ready to have a go was a step by step guide / walkthrough

So starting soon(ish) I will be covering how to:

  • Tear down a Game Gear
  • Recaping the motherboard
  • Recapping the sound board
  • Recapping the power board
  • Getting a game gear ready for screen install
  • Installing a RetroSix LCD screen (with and without the easy install ribbons)
  • Installing a BennVenn IPS screen

As well as all of this I hope to make some reviews of new Mods from a modders point of view.

Hopefully together we can get:



Sega Game Gear custom Jurassic Park, Ford Explorer

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