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BennVenn IPS for Sega Game Gear


  • High brightness IPS LCD. Superior viewing angle, contrast, clarity. Not TFT like other kits out there.
  • The ONLY kit with no screen tearing on moving images
  • Low power – approximately 1/3rd of other competing kits. Longer battery life, less stress on electronic components. 11hrs35min runtime measured on 2200mah NiMh cells.
  • Variable brightness control via the brightness wheel.
  • Scanlines, Scaling modes (Full screen, cropped & 1:1 modes), Can move the image up and down in cropped mode.
  • No buzz/hum/whine injected into the console.
  • Frame locked to the original frame rate. No image tearing or lag.
  • Built in protection prevents damage to BennVenn’s kit if your system is running at a higher than standard voltage.
  • Currently a 10 wire install – this may increase as more functionality is added to the design.

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Here’s my own review of the product:

The BennVenn IPS Screen for Sega Game Gear – (


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