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Get in Touch You’ll notice the shop is showing as not available or out of stock.
I’m just taking a short break, I’ll be back soon enough and taking orders again from the 10th October.

Sega Game Gear send in service


Send in service

  • Screen Brand
  • Lens
  • Buttons
  • Power Options

Pay – Send – Customise – Test – Return

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Design your own custom Sega Game Gear.

These Game gears are built to order, because of this please allow up to 21 days from the date I receive for your Console to completion.
I try to be as true to the images when painting the shells, however small variations may occur, this is due to different paint and custom mixed colours.

Please use this address to send your Game gear to along with a note inside with the order number or a print out of the order.

Once the order is placed I will email you the address to send your console

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