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Sega Game Gear send in service


Send in service

  • Screen Brand
  • Lens
  • Buttons
  • Power Options
  • Audio Options

Pay – Send – Customise/Fix/Mod- Test – Return

Only 1 left in stock

Does you're system need to be recapped or would you like a new SYF motherboard? If you are unsure I will check, if it does not require a recap I will refund £20 from the order
Would you like use your original, new aftermarket or custom painted shell? If you choose original shell, I will choose best condition I have in Stock I am happy to order in other colours, please contact me and I can add the colour to the list
Would you like to have a new Screen installed?
The GGHD has an integer scaled screen which to be utilised will need 2mm removed off of each side of the shell window. There is a setting which fits an unmodified shell.
the GGHD suports HDMI out, this port is Video only and does not carry the sound. the sound will play from your game gear or from anything plugged in to the Audio jack. The HDMI port will be located at the bottom of the shell and will require the shell to be moddified and have a cut out at the bottom of the game gear.
Would you like a new glass lense installed?
Would you like to replace the original buttons and membranes For custom painted buttons please leave a note of colours you would like.
Choose colours available for DPad, Start, 1, 2 and power slider please list the colours you would like in the test box. Choose from Black, Dark Blue, light blue, Cream white, Red, Yellow, Clear, Grey,
Choose colours available for DPad, Start, 1, 2 and power slider, I will paint these buttons, so any colour is potential available including clear colours.
New SFY USB C power board with built in batteries or original power board recapped?
Would you like to have a new SYF stereo audio board?
Would you like to have a new SYF audio board?
Would you like Game Gear CleanLight by Retro Six?
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Design your own custom Sega Game Gear.

These Game gears are built to order, because of this please allow up to 21 days from the date I receive for your Console to completion.
I try to be as true to the images when painting the shells, however small variations may occur, this is due to different paint and custom mixed colours.

Please use this address to send your Game gear to along with a note inside with the order number or a print out of the order.

All new shells have the space for Stereo Audio (2 speakers)

Once the order is placed I will email you the address to send your console

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